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  • Marvel: this character is dead
  • Marvel: totally dead
  • Marvel: definitely
  • Marvel: how dare you suggest otherwise
  • Marvel:
  • Marvel:
  • Marvel:
  • Marvel: jk

demisemiquaver asked: I just find it hilarious that HYDRA still goes to the trouble to wax and butter the Winter Soldier's chest but don't bother to give him a shave and a haircut. #priorities





I mean it’s PROBABLY because they need his chest to be hairless for various electrodes and monitoring equipment but I also like to imagine what the hydra goon who is responsible for waxing the winter soldier’s chest hair thinks about it

the amount of people who have reblogged this saying they’d join a nazi organization for this opportunity is alarming me slightly

It’s not a Nazi organization. The founder just happened to be a Nazi. They don’t discriminate in their zeal for destruction and human domination.