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empaya-comics asked: Dear Chris, what are (in your opinion) the top 5 mistakes to avoid, when creating comics? Thank you very much in advance.



I really only have 4. I tried to think of more but each new thing already fit into one of these categories. So okay, here goes:

1) Going off script: Stick to the script whenever possible. If you think you’ve come up a with a better solution to a problem, check in with your writer and/or editor before you do execute it.. There could very well be a reason *your* idea isn’t the best one either.

2) Being a disappearing act: If this is the job you want to do for a living, make yourself available. Answer emails. Pick up the phone. I realize that the majority of us arty types are home-bodies at heart but you have to be willing to talk to your collaborators if you want to get anything accomplished.

3) Missing deadlines: Deadlines are in place for a reason. Turn your stuff in on time, people!! For every day late that your piece of the project is, you’re shaving off a day of work from every person who follows after you. Monthly comics can sometimes be a grind, but if we’re all getting our work in on time it can run like a well-oiled machine. Don’t be the weak link.
And this going along with #2 but— if your deadline is fast approaching and you don’t think you’re going to hit it, don’t be ashamed. Kids get sick, accidents happen… but call your editor and let them know you’re going to be late. I’m sure they’d rather know ahead of time and be able to plan ahead with a fill-in or maybe tweaking the schedule.

4) Doesn’t play well with others : This is a small industry and nobody benefits from jerky behavior. Treat everyone as you would want to be treated. And I do mean *everyone*. You never know who, be they intern, flatter assistant, etc,. could wind up being your boss one day.

SOLID advice from the master.

we joke about procrastination but nothing is worse than the nauseating feeling of having every intention of doing something but physically not being capable of doing it and then feeling like you want to throw up because the deadline is just getting closer and closer.

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They have a leader, Tullus Aufidius, that will put you to ‘t. I sin in envying his nobility, And were I any thing but what I am, I would wish me only he. 

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How I will raise my kids.

1.) My daughter will never be taught that a boy being mean to her means that he likes her.

2.) My son will not be taught to make fun of a girl if he likes her. He will be taught to be nice to her and try to be her friend.

3.) My daughter will never be shamed for her body. She will never see me shaming MY body. A girl with a confident mother, has a good idea of what body positivity is at a young age. She will never see me shame another woman for what she looks like.

4.) I dare my son to call her fat or ugly. That thought should barely cross his mind. But if it does, he’ll keep his comments to himself.

5.) Sex will not be taboo. it will not be strange to talk about. They will understand it, how it works, and there bodies once they’re mature enough.

6.) My daughter will never feel less of a person for having sex. She will be taught to never let a comment like “slut” or “whore” keep her from doing a completely natural thing. She’ll understand that she can come to me when she is ready, and I will give her the protection she needs.

7.) If my son calls a girl a slut or treats a girl with less respect because of the amount of partners she has, he can say goodbye to all his friends and all his stuff became that just won’t be tolerated.

8.) Consent will be taught by the time they can walk. My daughter has the rights to her body. She can say “please don’t touch me” without being scared or uncomfortable. My son will be taught to always ask to hug a girl or touch a girl in any ways. Sexually or not, consent will be extremely important.

9.) My son and daughter will understand that depression runs in the family. That there is absolutely no shame in asking for help.

10.) yelling and hitting doesn’t solve anything. Yelling will be kept to a minimum and hitting is what cavemen do.

11.) if my son wants to do ballet, he can do ballet. If he wants to wear pink, sparkly shoes, he can wear pink, Sparkly shoes. If he hates pink and only likes monster trucks and wrestling, then that’s the coolest thing ever. He can be whoever he wants and that’s amazing.

12.) My daughter can play t-ball and she can wear her dads or brothers clothes. She can tell me she absolutely hates piano lessons and refuses to wear a dress on picture day. I won’t tell her she isn’t girly or feminine enough. I won’t tell her she looks like boy as if it’s a bad thing.

13.) Sexuality and gender expression is encouraged and nothing you are or choose to be regarding either is bad. If my son comes to me saying he’s Gay, I’ll hug him and say I’m proud. If my daughter comes home holding Susie Q’s hand, I’ll hug them both and say I’m proud. We will celebrate when they realize who they are. Straight and cisgendered included.

14.) They will be raised to be tolerant, but to stand up for what’s wrong. Other people having different opinions is okay. No matter how ridiculous it is. other religions are okay. No religion is okay. conservative opinions or liberal opinions are okay. It’s not okay when those opinions lead to wrong-doing and hateful comments.

15.) Neither of them are ever going to think that when a female has sex, she will get “loose.” They will have a complete understanding of the human body and how it works when they’re old enough. They will have correct and healthy sex and body education.*

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